Today I haRun4_20141005ve planted the next generation of  beet which will take over from the current run which was planted in April and has provided us with 2 meals every week over the winter period. The plants are going strong but I am told that they are likely to go to seed soon. These are Kings Seeds “Beet Rainbow Lights”. I like the Kings Seeds best as the range of colours is more spectacular than I had in my previous big name pack. The cabbage shown there is ironically the “Space Saver” variety ( also from Kings) – ironic as this is the biggest cabbage I have ever grow. The beans went in mid August which is early even for Auckland. They are a little yellow, but I don’t think this is due to the weather, rather it is a result of the PH being high, which beans appear to be very sensitive too, a result of me losing my PH testing kit (now replaced).  As I have this issue with the PH frequently in spring, but not any other time, I suspect it may have something to do with the broad beans.

Hidden behind the beet is a run of tomatoes, chillies and basil that was also an early planting experiment. The tomatoes have done well and are about to take off. Some of the chillies have died, but that was a result I think of plumbing issues (now resolved). The basil hasn’t done much and is looking a little sorry. The celery is ready to be ripped out and eaten but has also done us well over winter.

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