Herded by the head of technology (aka Chief Earless Chicken Wrangler) Angela Tennant-Jones, we have here a fine bunch of young hellions from Masterton Intermediate School. Instructed by Geeko Farm experts Tamara (far left) and Vik (leaning on Tamara) over a couple of days they each made at least one water-powered rocket. These things were going up 60 metres plus, courtesy of a couple of compressors hidden in the shed in the background. The kids experimented to produce the best fin designs, and made a variety of nose cones, some of which probably contravened the Geneva Convention and had to be slightly truncated. There were two-stage rockets, and even a few parachutes – some of which actually deployed on the way down. Deployment on the way up led to some interesting aerobatics. We may have inadvertently educated some of the kids too.

It even made the news, for all the right reasons for a change. They also invited us back…

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