[Update: Here is a video introducing the hydroponics system inside it.]

After an awful lot of work, we have a greenhouse. It’s an extended Titan from http://hunkin.co.nz, aluminium framed, with polycarbonate panels to resist the wind-blown debris prevalent in these parts. At the moment it’s full of construction debris,  but it will house our upcoming new hydroponics system.


There are a few little bits left to do, like the guttering and repairing where a couple of bulldogs an a labrador pup went through the side. The PVC capping strips are a real pain to install and very hard on the thumbs. Fortunately they include old-school W-clips to hold panels in where the frame is compressed too much for the capping strips to work – the frame compresses as you add panels and extras like vents. Also the door will not close properly as the frame fouls on capping strip. This can be fixed by using the clips instead. It is topologically impossible to connect the rear wall to the frame as documented. I had to offset the centre base peg there, and use a frame tie – fortunately they supply plenty of spare parts in the kit.

The electric fence is to stop the dogs chewing on it.

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