Seeded brown loaf on a rack

This is similar to our very seedy keto rye loaf, and yes, it does actually contain crickets. We’re not sure what it is in crickets that ferments well, but ferment it does allowing this loaf to rise in a rapid breadmaker with no sugar or sweetener.

¼ Cup Sunflower kernels
¼ Cup Pumpkin kernels
¼ Cup Linseed (flax seed)
¼ Cup Sesame seeds
1½ tsp Salt
1 tsp Instant yeast, heaped
25g Rye flour
135g Wheat gluten
30g Olive oil or butter
40g Cricket flour
2 tsp Malt, heaped
½ tsp Lecithin
1 Beaten egg

Put the 4 seeds in a 2l microwaveable container with 120ml of water, add the salt, stir, and microwave on full for 1½-2 minutes to make a seedy porridge. Leave it to cool slightly .

Put the blade in the breadmaker – important – and place the breadmaker tin on scales. Add the heaped spoon of yeast (or use a packet) first so you don’t boil it with the hot porridge. Add the remaining ingredients. Dump 120ml of tepid water and warm porridge on top. We use the water to rinse out the egg beating equipment, and you might find you need slightly less water depending on the general humidity.

Set breadmaker to make a medium (850g) wholemeal loaf with a dark crust. Leave it to cool and firm up before cutting or the seeds will tear loose. Slice it fairly thin. If it collapses, use less water next time.

This toasts and so forth much like ordinary rye bread and keeps exceptionally well. Anything else just isn’t cricket.

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