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With the operation largely behind us, and many other calamities dealt with, there are already a heap of new Geeko Farm videos out on Youtube here. We’re back with a vengeance and a new Fab Lab. The greenhouse has been a bit neglected, and has been cleared out and restarted. The still is being warmed up to brew schnapps and even brandy. Plus of course, fire, mayhem, and !!!DOG!!!

Now the initial batch of hydroponic runs are up and, er, running we’ve gathered enough confidence to do a video on how we add runs to the system. We’ve run out of the 100mm x 150mm runs (at least ones of any reasonable length – there was a run on them) so we’ve run out a 100mm x 75mm run with smaller holes for smaller tubs. These are just fine for our intended crop: strawberries. If you want to run through the video, run over to https://m.youtube.com/c/geekofarm and check it out.

Hydroponic Strawberries